democratic party

Ask yourself some questions and trust what you see and hear to draw your own conclusions:

Am I better off now than before President Je Biden took office?

Do I feel safer in Democrat-run cities?

Would the Green New Deal help me?

Is allowing millions of illegal immigrants to invade the country good for the U.S.?

Is the world a safer place since Biden took office?

Is introducing the right for young children to change their sex before adulthood good for their development?

Are transgender rights more important than women's rights in sports?

Is promoting "wokeness" in the classroom beneficial to children?

Is promoting "wokeness" in the military enhancing its strength in numbers and morale?

Is the judicial system providing equal justice for all?

Is abortion on demand acceptable?

Are elections better with voter ID or uncertified mail-in ballots?

If you are honest with your answers, you may find a collective cause that needs to be changed.

The majority of the deterioration within our country can be laid at the feet of the Democrat Party, academia and the media. They portray conservative people as haters, extremists, terrorists and threats upon democracy while their policies are dividing us and destroying the American Dream for future generations.

Too many have already surrendered their freedom to government instead of drawing their own power of self-reliance from God and/or within.

Despite Democrat Party rantings of occupying the moral high ground, it has become the true enemy of America. Its evil twists and repetitive lies against common sense understandings are indoctrinating and rendering young minds incapable of critical thinking. The majority citizenry knows better.

It must stand and say no to the insanity being portrayed as the new norms in society and remove such "leaders" who promote this chaos.

May God keep His hand on our country.



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